Andrew Reynolds Interview – Multi Millionaire Direct Response Marketer

We caught up with Multi Millionaire Direct Response marketer, Andrew Reynolds and asked him to give us his top tips for creating good direct response sales copy – online or offline.

When I met with Andrew Reynolds I didn’t know what to expect. I wanted to learn from him the fundamentals of good direct response marketing – an area that he has amassed a £50Million fortune form , both in printed direct mail pieces and using online offers too. Andrew Reynolds has become recognised as one of the UKs leading Home Based Business mentors and coaches – and teaches his techniques in workshops costing over £10,000 a day. Clearly someone who has a lot to share – we got down to business straight away.

Questions to Andrew Reynolds

Q: Andrew – if I’m new to putting together words on a page to sell my products – what tips can you give?

Andrew Reynolds: Copy is like your ‘salesman in print’…it has to grab someone’s attention in the first few words and hold that attention through to the point where you want to get your credit card out and order. That’s the sign of a good piece of copy

Q: OK – sounds great – but how exactly do I go about that?

Andrew Reynolds: Ok – first. You need to reach out and touch on your prospective customers main points that cause him or her some form of anxiety. You then need to push their hot-buttons by unveiling what is seen as the ultimate solution to that anxiety.

Throughout the piece, you also need to demonstrate your integrity, empathise with the reader, show that you understand their anxieties, share their passions and enthusiasm, and

Above all show sincerity. Overblown super-hypo copy simply will turn them cold and make them leave off reading.

Using a more real approach will be like a breath of fresh air to them – one that provides help and assistance; hope, and also some form of inspiration or encouragement.

By attacking their anxieties for them and offering a solution – we are able to help the reader to move from a situation of ‘pain’ to one of ‘pleasure’.

Q: Ok – so its all about targeting the piece to appeal to the prospect

Andrew Reynolds: Absolutely. Direct Response marketing that works well must be read by a targeted prospect. You need to reach the right kind of prospective customer or your offer is a waste of time.

When you reach the targeted prospect, you then add a little drama – for example in the Business niche – real life success stories – genuine ‘Rags to Riches’ stories – tend to work well in copy. You add a sense of drama to the piece and make your offer important, relevant,

and above all believable. It has to be credible and based on facts – or you’ll earn a reputation for falsehood – which will do you no good at all.

Q: So you’re saying it must be – as they say “Legal honest and truthful”?

Andrew Reynolds: Absolutely! Never lie. You need to build believability – even to the point of providing evidence where necessary, on the page, to back up your claims. These days shoppers – online and offline – are particularly savvy people. An prospective customer these days sees beyond the hype and the fake claims of naive newbie marketers and the scammers and con artists.

Prove your claims and add in genuine testimonials, show specific facts and figures – add copies of bank statements for example, if you are making claims of earnings, and add real world previous customer stories.

Q: So the message is “Keep it real”?

Andrew Reynolds: Absolutely

Continued in…

Direct Marketer Andrew Reynolds Part Two

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