Andrew Reynolds Interview – Part Two

Continuing our series on Direct Response marketing – and interview with Direct Marketer Andrew Reynolds Part 2

Q: Ok – so we were talking about establishing credibility in sales copy. What next?

Andrew Reynolds: Yep – you need to establish your credibility as the person talking to the prospect on the page. These days anyone can launch a cheap to set up website, and offer a product for sale. So it is becoming more and more essential that you ensure that your visitor, who has loads of choice and other sites to visit, listens to you, trust what you say and moves through your site to the buy-now button. Your site has to set out your stall – to establish a position in the prospects mind that gives your words more ‘clout.

Q: Ok – but how do we do that – surely everyone would like to think that their site does that. How do we actually go about ensuring that we have that ‘street cred’?

Andrew Reynolds: In all of my letters, I tend to get very personal. I have a one to one conversation with the reader. I write it ‘from Andrew Reynolds’ You need to let your audience know that you are a proper real life person, who genuinely cares about the issues that the reader has – and takes an interest in resolving the anxieties of the prospect.

You should try to be genuinely enthusiastic about what you do and the products or services that you sell. That’s why so much copy can come across as hyped nonsense – as its clear that the writer doesn’t believe sincerely in what they are trying to sell. Without going mad and getting over-hyped though – let your prospect know that you’re really thrilled to be in a position to share with them, something that might help them. .

Q: But if the prospect is like me – they may be sceptical and they may well have hundreds of questions in their mind…

Andrew Reynolds: You need to anticipate those very questions, be ready to overcome those concerns and any fears and in particular provide answers to any objections that the reader may have about your product, This is the basis for all good salesmanship – overcoming objections. Online, in print or face to face – the rules are no different Selling via a written sales letter doesn’t of course give you the benefit of face to face interaction with your prospects, so it important that you understand the prospects likely concerns and address every issue up front.

Q: But the prospect still has a lot of choice, surely…?

Andrew Reynolds: Of course – but throughout your sales piece, you need to make the assumption that the reader will do the right thing and take the action that you ask them to take, In good direct response copy, you need to learn to phrase your copy in such a way that you lead the reader by the and, in the direction you want them to go. For example, a good letter would not say “If you take out a subscription to….” – instead it would assume that the reader WILL do so- so we use phrases like “As an exclusive member…..”. In other words you assume that the person reading WILL want what you have to offer.

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Direct Marketer Andrew Reynolds Part 3

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Andrew Reynolds Interview - Part Two
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