By Carolyn Clarke

AGAINST THE ODDS By James Dyson and collaborator, Giles Coren

This is the extraordinary and inspiring autobiography of the founder of Dyson Ltd.

The unorthodox methods of this artist-designer, his single-minded optimism and self-belief transcended every obstacle, culminating in a triumphant story of success.

James Dyson relates his journey from a child who painted to the man who refused to believe, ‘But, James, if there were a better kind of vacuum cleaner, Hoover or Electrolux would have invented it.’

The book is an inspiration for anyone to follow their financial dream – even if they want to get there by an unorthodox route.

Against the Odds – paperback £10.12

Call Dyson Ltd to order Part no. 901153-02

Tel: 0166 827 200?

Order online: ?

(Orders under £15 incur £2 postage and handling charge)

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