Andrew Reynolds Interview – Part Four

Continuing our series on Direct Response marketing – and interview with Direct Marketer Andrew Reynolds Part Four

Q: Ok – so I think what you have said so far is that when writing a good piece of direct response copy – you need to resonate with the reader – to create a one to one ‘conversation’? Is that why your letters come across as through I am actually being talked to by Andrew Reynolds on a one to one basis.

Andrew Reynolds: Absolutely. If I was sat here explaining what my product did and asking you to buy one – I would be addressing you as Andrew Reynolds – not addressing a crowd – but talking face to face to you. In my letters I try to do exactly that.

When you write a letter, you need to create the feeling that you are actually in the presence of your prospective client or customer, that you are having a one-on-one conversation with them face to face. In a good piece of writing, you will let the reader know you are a genuine real life human being, not just words on a page.

Q: So what you are saying is that I need to show that I am sensitive to their needs and aspirations and understand them.

Andrew Reynolds: Yep – Be completely in tune with the reader and what they want – and through the power of words, demonstrate a certain empathy and have a caring voice. Go to great lengths to explain the solution that you are offering to fix their problems and talk in their terms

Q: How do you mean – on their own terms?

Andrew Reynolds: Its simple. I get sent letters all the time where a newbie has written a piece as though they were addressing an English teacher who will give them marks for long words and proper grammar. But in reality – talk as though you were talking to a friend down at the local pub. Talk in words as you would talk in real life to a friend. I was sent a piece of copy the other day that contained the words “Many of you out there”. Big mistake! As a reader I don’t; want to feel I am part of a huge crowd – I want to be treated as special.

Q: Ok – makes sense. So how long should my letter be? I know there are differing opinions on short letters versus long letters.

Andrew Reynolds: There are indeed –and most people who talk about the benefit of short letters don’t make a lot of money. My letters have pulled in over £50Million in just a few years – so as far as I am concerned – long form direct response copy works – and works well.

Q: But isn’t there a danger that you just end up repeating yourself in a long letter and that the prospect will get bored?

Andrew Reynolds: No – not if you do it properly. If you waffle – of course, the prospect will lose interest. You need to make the maximum impact with a minimum of words — but you should always tell your story – with all of the features and benefits – leaving nothing out. If you leave something out, you can bet your life that it will be the one point that could be the deciding factor as far as the prospect is concerned – and you may lose the sale.

That why a long letter – containing everything –is generally more responsive than a short one that has details missing. If you really want the customer to send you money based on a few pages of typed words on a screen or on paper, if you really want the sale, you absolutely MUST include every single important feature or benefit – ever single key point.
Q: But how do I know I am answering all of the prospects questions?

Andrew Reynolds: It is all about targeting. Target your offer to specific groups of people. If you target the right prospective customer with something they actually hunger after, they will devour every single word you have written. If you fail to give enough information to the reader right at that point where they are most interested, it will cost you more sales than by providing too much. In answer you your question – make the letter as long as it needs to be to make a sale and to start building a loyal customer relationship.

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