Andrew Reynolds Interview – Part Three

Continuing our series on Direct Response marketing – and interview with Direct Marketer Andrew Reynolds Part 3

Q: Ok – so how do we make our offer totally irresistible to the reader on the website or in a direct mail piece?

Andrew Reynolds: The first thing you need to do is to create a very high perceived value in the package of products that you are offering. You then limit its availability. Scarcity and a fear of missing out is a great way to make a letter compelling. So high perceived value and scarcity. The less available your offer is the more people will tend to want it. It’s just simple human nature.

If I offer a product for a limited time and say that the page will close on X date – I stick to that (tempting through it may be to take sales after the date. But people get to know that if they get an offer from you and it’s for a limited time – you mean what you say. So they will take action next time.

Q: Ok –p so what are some of the biggest mistakes I could make when putting my offer letter together?

Andrew Reynolds: many newbies start out and fail to address the first questions that enters the prospect’s mind as he or she arrives at your sales page.

Q: For example??

Andrew Reynolds: Well for example, you need to explain to the reader why he or she should spend time reading the piece. Tell them “What’s in it for me”, the reader. So many people talk about themselves as some sort of ego trip – but bear in mind that the reader is only interested in that one phrase “What’s in it for me?”. You then need to explain why the reader should believe you.

Towards the end of your letter you should then answer the queries in the readers mind “

Is it worth my while to take action now? And “What will I lose by not replying now?”

Q: So what is the secret of a good letter?

Andrew Reynolds: You need to know firstly what it is that your specific target market wants. Your job as the writer is then to gather together the experiences, the comments, tests, facts, your product or business history, and then arrange all of this detail to put together a compelling offer that speaks directly to the reader….something that is particularly relevant to your prospective customer. In a good letter your job as the writer is to let the

Prospective customer know in what ways your product or service was designed and constructed to solve his or her specific problems.

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Andrew Reynolds Interview - Part Three
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Andrew Reynolds
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