Andrew Reynolds Self Made Millionaire Profile Part One

Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds reveals the secrets of how, as an ‘ordinary bloke’, he achieved extraordinary success. He talks to Martin Baker.

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Profile: Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds is a quiet revolutionary. If you met him in the street, you’d pass him off as just another, regular bloke. But beneath the quiet, unassuming exterior is a quite extraordinary person. His success story is that he was just an ordinary guy who discovered the secret of making money, a secret that he now shares with other people.

Andrew Reynolds certainly looks like Mr Average. Just the wrong side of 50, he is a regular guy who’s taken his fitness seriously. He has frequent sessions with his personal trainer most days of the week, and has a full-time housekeeper to keep him on track with his nutrition – yet he’s maintained a down-to-earth, ‘in touch with his roots’ personality. OK, he drives a rather sexy Bentley GT, the marque favoured by Premiership footballers, but beyond that, there’s little surface evidence of anything that might speak of a man who’s pulled in £30 million entirely by his own initiative in the past 10 years.

The self-effacing demeanour, the quiet voice, and the eyes that glint with an occasional hint of irony bring to mind a low-profile – perhaps highly successful – accountant or surveyor. Then again, Andrew Reynolds might be one of those bods from personnel, someone who’s embroiled in the intricate detail and day to day machinations of corporate life – a classic small ‘cog’ in some huge, faceless multinational. That would be a big mistake. Apart from Andrew Reynolds fear and loathing of accountancy (see related articles), if you’re looking for the leader of the charge against life in the corporate job factory, Andrew is the man. He describes himself as shy and certainly isn’t a natural extrovert, yet he has given a number of bravura performances in front of thousands of entrepreneurs as he explains his Cash On Demand® system that is at the heart of his success. Anyone present at the time, or watching DVDs of Andrew Reynolds live on stage at one of his Charity Entrepreneur Bootcamps or conferences, can see that this is a man compelled to overcome any innate shyness because he knows he has to deliver a message. That message is simple: You too can do it.

“I watched this guy telling me how to make $30,000 a month from home, and something just clicked” Andrew Reynolds

Andrew Reynolds Cash On Demand Video

At the Cash On Demand Bootcamp Andrew Reynolds showed a brief video regarding work he had been doing in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa attendees at the Cash On Demand event could not help but be moved by the scenes of poverty and the conditions in which over 1 million people live.

The Cash On Demand system has allowed him and some of his other students to spend time working on helping others. The example shown at the Cash On Demand Bootcamp was of entrepreneurs who have, through their own efforts started and built new businesses which have generated not only cash for themselves but they have also enhanced the local community.

One example shown to the Cash On Demand students was a lady called Vicky who having built her own bed and breakfast establishment within the township, had now got her community together to tear down their existing shacks and replace them with proper brick built buildings. The community had run out of money half way through the project as funding from the government had not been forthcoming. Andrew therefore stepped in to offer financial assistance.

Andrews Reynolds Cash On Demand system allowed Andrew to pay the full costs of completing the 20 houses.

Andrew Reynolds then went on to show how his Cash On Demand system could help another entrepreneur named Rosie, who had been running a soup kitchen for around 20 years within the township. Rosie’s soup kitchen feeds approximately 400 young people per day and had in the past been funded by a charity. However the charity had ran out of money and the soup kitchen was in danger of closing. At the Cash On Demand Bootcamp he showed a video taken in the soup kitchen where Rosie described the problem. Andrew Reynolds then offered a tearful Rosie 100% of the funding needed each year to keep the kitchen going.

Through the Cash On Demand system Andrew Reynolds has been able to help many charities both abroad and in theU.K.For more details go to

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8 responses to “Andrew Reynolds Self Made Millionaire Profile Part One”

  1. Steve says:

    Has anyone met this guy Andrew Reynolds? I saw him on TV a while back.

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  2. Will says:

    Yep. Shook hands with Andrew Reynolds at his Entrepreneurs Bootcamp at the O2. Never got a chance to chat as he had hundreds of people milling around trying to chat to him. But he seemed like a genuine enough bloke. Very down to earth.

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  3. bizman01 says:

    I met Andrew Reynolds once at the same event. You are right. Very down to earth. The money doesn’t seem to have gone to his head. Andrew Reynolds is just an ordinary guy who has done well for himself.

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  4. Jeff Dewhurst says:


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  5. Harriet J says:

    I met him recently at a workshop and in fact had taken with me the tin flower he gave all the ladies at his O2 Bootcamp. I use it to remind me of how someone with

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  6. S. Schofield says:

    I also saw Andrew Reynolds on TV a while ago. He came across as genuine and sincere. I look forward to actually getting to meet the guy. Certainly all of the Andrew Reynolds courses and DVDs that I have seen have lived up to my expectations.

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  7. Les Hopple says:

    I wish more people would write sites like this that are actually interesting to read. With all the fluff floating around on the internet, it is a great change of pace to read a site like yours instead. Thanks Andrew Reynolds

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  8. Graham Butler says:

    Andrew Reynolds wrote a very good book called Copy This Idea all about how he started from home and went on to bank over £50 million.It’s a great book for anyone wanting to start a hugely profitable business from home. I paid £10 for my copy but he’s now giving it away for free at It really is well worth reading.

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